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Who are we ?

Well to simply put we are small team. Each of us work on specific parts of this website from designing to result update

What do we do ?

We try to update results of different games daily as fast as possible and provide features like guessing the games before their result announcement

When did we start ?

We started our web site on April, 2018 since then its getting regular result updates and new features

Alright! Can i add my result of my own game ?

Yes, You can for more details about the procedure, get in contact with us or send us message on WhatsApp

Okay! Do you have any Future Plans ?

Yes, we are currently trying to make result and chart updation more robust and guessing section more flexible, and we have plans to Provide timely Push Notifcation

But I Want to know something else

For any other information please contact us. We will be delighted to Help You!